Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To Vancouver.

Thinking about moving to Vancouver? Here is a list of what you can expect to encounter in this awesome city. 

The city is truly a thing of beauty – Picturesque Vancouver, one of the few places where you can ski, swim and surf all in the same season. There is beautiful mountains, sparkling oceans, rainforests and beautiful foliage throughout, which make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

Traffic in Vancouver is horrible – Maybe not L.A. horrible, but it isn’t pretty by any means. Expect to sit in it for at least an hour or so if you are going on the highway or crossing any bridges around 7-9 am and 4 – 6 pm. If you are downtown, be cognizant of the bike lanes. We love our bikes and they love to remove lanes that used to be for vehicles. 

Rent is not cheap – Be prepared to pay a lot of money for a quaint space. Rent in Vancouver goes up the closer you get to the core, although the suburbs are catching up quickly. 

Tip – Make sure you have accommodation before you get here. It can be tricky to get a place right away. Landlords usually rent available suites on the 1st and the 15th, so looking a month to three months in advance is a good idea. Also, if the craigslist advertisement is too good to be true price wise compared to the other accommodation you are looking at, it just may be a scam. 

Is housing expensive? – Thinking of purchasing in one of the most livable cities in the world? It’ll cost you. The housing market is going through “The worst housing affordability crisis in Canada,” with a rising population and foreign investment wildly outpacing development. 

Tip - Making sure you have all your ducks are in a row before you start your search is crucial. Click here for tips on what the true expenses of buying a home are. 

International Eats – Foodies gone wild. There are amazing local restaurants sprawled across this city. Vancouver specials – sushi, pho and craft breweries. Having a hard time looking for something else? Dailyhive has many search options available for Vancouver’s food scene. Another option, find some Vancity foodies on Instagram and scroll until your mouth starts watering. My favourite foodie follow is @hungry.and.desserted

Uber is for food only – That’s right, you heard me, UberEats is only for deliveries of tasty treats. They can only take your food for a joy ride. But there are taxi apps and the good old-fashioned transit, which if you're near the SkyTrain line, I would highly recommend using it, it will get you there faster. 

Lululemon's are a thing – I don’t actually know a person who doesn’t own a pair. Yes, including men. It’s like a right of passage in this city. If you are going to become a Vancouverite, you need to be getting yourself a pair. The yoga is optional. 

The weather – There is a reason why some people call it Raincouver. It. Rains. A. Lot. So, make sure you have an umbrella and know your umbrella etiquette. Yes, that is also a thing. If you can get past the rain, Vancouver rarely dips below freezing in the winter and rarely gets close to 30 degrees Celsius with low humidity in the summer. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of what to expect if you decide to move here!