Which Floor? The Ups & Downs of Lower Homes Vs. Upper Homes

Floor choice always evokes a strong reaction from clients. Funny enough they mean different things to different people and what's great for some, might not be the case for others. Higher floors tend to get a higher price as they tend to have better views, whereas lower floors are more convenient and easier in the case of an emergency. Regardless, each floor has it's perks and flaws. 

Elevated Living 

Views For Days: There's something about a view that feels good to the soul. Whether its a lake, cityscape or just unobstructed, its something that will awe guests and might get you better resale in the future. Plus it's an excellent start or end to the day that can put anyone in a better mood. 
Bright: Higher spaces tend to get flooded with more light (even better if you are on the south side of the building) in the day, and remain darker at night because there are no street or car lights at higher elevations. 
Safety: No need for bars on your windows or locking up your bbq on your deck because you are worried someone will hop the fence and steal it in the middle of the night. 
Noise Diffuser: Up high, the rush of traffic seems more like the hum of a white noise machine.
Clean: Your patio can potentially stay cleaner because the dust that gets kicked up by cars doesn't travel that high.

However, living high up also can have its downer moments. 

Stranded: If an elevator goes out or if you need to leave quickly in an emergency you will have to make the trek up/down many flights of stairs. At least you get your cardio for the day...
Views for years?: Depending on where you live you might have an unobstructed view one day and not the next as you can't always count on your panoramic view to be untouched. 
The Down Low 

Temperature:  When the heat hits, lower apartments stay cooler as they can have less direct sunlight and also heat rises. 
Easy Entrance: The front door leads directly into my home so it can often feel like I'm living in a house. If I'm having people over for dinner, it's not unusual for me to leave my front door open. My guests can walk in without me having to interrupt my preparations to answer the buzzer.
Larger Patios: Because the complex's green spaces are right outside my front door, I've appropriated them as my own and I often sit outside to have my coffee in the morning.
 Whether it's bringing in the groceries or a new piece of furniture, having my home on the ground floor makes it a lot easier to move stuff in and out of. There are no stairs to climb and no elevator to squish into.

The low down on lower living. 

More traffic: More people coming into the building and closer to outside commotion can mean more noise for lower apartments. 
Less Private: Window direction could mean you have less privacy than the apartments above. 
Security: If you have a separate entrance from the street, you could have unwelcome guests snooping for unlocked items. 

Overall,  living on an upper or lower floor is dependent on your needs and what is available in the building. When shopping around, do your research and visit the home with your realtor at times that you will most likely be at home, this is so you can truly figure out what fits your lifestyle the best. 

If you need help with your search whether it be high or low, contact me and let's unlock your happy today!